When Do We Meet?

We usually meet on Sunday early evenings in one of our homes.

Visitors are welcome, please use our contact page to send us an email.


We regularly post our meetings on Meetup.com

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About Us

We are a group of believers living around Moordown and Ensbury Park, Bournemouth (although some of us travel from as far as Ferndown!). We have been following the Lord together for about 19 years. We share each other’s lives, we sing and write songs together, we laugh and cry together, always growing in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have no pastor or priest to lead us or to make our decisions. Some of our meetings are very relaxed – we sing a few songs and anyone who wants can say whatever is on their heart. At other times, one of us might have prepared something to bring to the meeting, or we choose a theme and all bring our own contribution. We take great delight from time to time in preparing something really special – the brothers or sisters could work on it for weeks, getting ready for just one evening.

Meetings, whether they are wonderful or just average, are only part of what we do. We spend a lot of time with each other, visiting each other’s houses, eating meals, helping each other out with practical things – day to day life. If one of us is in trouble we all know and support them. If one of us has good news we all rejoice with them.

And all of this is for our Lord and love, Jesus Christ. He is our inspiration. He is our sole purpose and the centre of all our lives.