There is this part of me
That remembers Eternity
The times before times…

We were in Christ
As Christ was in God
He- solid
We- Him in little particles
And when We created the earth
He, He and We
We were hovering over the waters
Like golden dust
Glittering in His light
Waiting for our vessels.

We saw beauty perishing in darkness
Only to become alive again
Greater than before
Filled by us.

This we would call a day
And it would always end in victorious light
Every day- a prophecy
Every plant- a prophecy
Every being- a prophecy
Every human- a prophecy
Every marriage- a prophecy
Like it or not.

And we were excited, We loved it
Everything a divine picture
Darkness swallowed up by light
Death swallowed up by life
And Christ and We in our vessels are one
That is who and how we are
And nobody is able to change that.

I grace my vessel with Holiness
And she is my crown
Beautiful is she in Me
And beautiful am I in her.

All prophecy is fulfilled on the seventh day
On the  day without any darkness
And today when you hear His voice
We are back in Eternity
But in a new  expression.