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There Is A River

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It was an incredible sight. The trees were unlike any you have ever seen, graceful,  majestic and beautiful. The birds sang in a harmony that made the greatest of composers sound ordinary. There were lawns, garlanded with flowers and streams  babbling through the garden. It was the most beautiful sight that the earth has yet  seen. It was Eden.

It came from the heart of God. In the eternity before creation he had dreamed, planned  and designed. Out of the experience and  the fellowship of the Godhead came the  wonder of the universe, vast galaxies flung across the blackness of space. An eternity  in the preparation, the merest word of God was enough to cast star systems into their  orbits. All the wonders of the heavens were created in a moment. Barely a word from  the Almighty had sufficed for their creation.

The garden took time. The entire expanse  of the universe was just a backdrop, an  expression of divine exuberance. The  earth mattered. The garden mattered. The  garden needed serious divine attention.

And with good reason. God did not create just for the fun of it. Surprising as it may  seem, creation was not just a whim, a way to pass the time. God did not create just  because he was bored.

He had a plan, a purpose and a very clear intent. The entire universe was created for  just one reason. He created with us in mind. From the moment when the beginning  began, this was his intent. From the moment when the first atoms popped into being  the Lord was looking for a people. God himself was seeking fellowship. He was  seeking the sons of God, a people not just to rule but to fellowship with.

This has always been his desire. His entire history of the earth is focused on this one  plan. The Old and New Testament tell one story, the story of our  God and his people.  In the Old Testament it was the story of Israel and in the New Testament it is the story  of spiritual Israel. The Lord wants a people.

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