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There Is A River

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And if much of creation is just a canvas, a background, Eden was a more intimate  setting, a place designed as the home of man upon the earth. It was created perfect for  God’s most important creation. The beauty and perfection of that garden is almost  impossible to imagine in this fallen, broken world.

Eden was the first picture, the first revelation of the Lord’s plan and of the home he  planned for men made in his image. It was beautiful beyond our imagination. It was  untouched by the fall, by pain, by hardship. It possessed beauty beyond the greatest of  human art. No poet can describe it. No artist has ever painted it. No composer has  ever captured it. The birdsong of that garden out performed the greatest of orchestras.  Its flowers put Michelangelo to shame. Shakespeare at his finest could not describe it.  Eden was the triumph of God’s creation. It was the jewel of creation.

In the garden God poured himself out. Whole galaxies had been finished in a moment  but Eden took effort, a torrent of eternal effort. Into this place would go the only creation made in God’s own image. Into the Garden of Eden went man. The entire  garden was designed to be his home, an environment for men to dwell in.

To see Eden is to see a revelation of God’s plan for us. It shows his warmth, his  abundant generosity. It was a place of peace. God filled it with food. To work there  was joy not hardship. Here was abundance of life and of his supply. Every tree bore  fruit and food. It expressed how God felt about his people. Eden is a declaration of  God’s intent and a picture of his purpose.

Eden was designed to be the home of man. It was planted in the east and men have  looked for it ever since. They will never find it. Eden was never entirely on the earth.  The word east is used for more than a point of the compass. It also refers to the eternal  realm, the heavenly realm. Eden was on earth but it also touched the heavens.

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