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There Is A River

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Eden was planted on earth within time but its origins were outside of time. It was not  an entirely physical place. Nor was it an entirely spiritual place. It was a hybrid, partly  earthly and partly heavenly. Not until the son of God became the Son of Man would  anything else have both characteristics. Eden foretold Christ, who is wholly God and  wholly man.

If this was to be man’s home then what does it tell us about man? Why, that God  intended man to be both physical and spiritual. The garden was designed to provide  this creature with a perfect environment, a place on the earth and in the heavens.

And in this garden there was a river. It was a vital part of the garden. Without water  there is no life. When NASA wanders round other planets they look for water. With  water there may be life. Without it there is only barren rock. In Eden there was life.

‘And out of Eden there flowed a river.’

I always assumed that the river flowed through Eden. It does not.  It begins in Eden  and flows out of Eden. In Eden there is a spring, a source and a beginning.  In this  eternal garden was the source of life, the fountainhead of a great river which gave life  to four great rivers. A spring of living water lived, yes lived in Eden. Without it there  was no Eden and no Adam, no place for God and man to walk together in the cool of  the evening. God put life at the heart of the garden. It was in Eden that the earth first  saw true living water. When man fell and eventually God removed Eden from the  earth altogether it was lost forever.

Except of course that the Lord preserved it. For the rest of human history, past present  and future Eden will not return to earth but it has not been destroyed. There will be an  Eden upon the earth again. However, it will be a changed land.

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