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There Is A River

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So far only one man has seen the new Eden in fullness. His name was John and he  saw Eden descending out of the heavens  onto a new earth. He  called it the New  Jerusalem. Eden existed before men fell. It existed in beauty and wonder untouched  by pain and the toil of our broken lives. The New Jerusalem was seen at a time when  the fall, sin and death have been destroyed. Eden was the beginning and the promise.  The New Jerusalem is the fulfilment.     And make no mistake, they are the same place. The garden has become a city. Once  again it will be an earthly place but as before it has a heavenly origin. From the New  Jerusalem the Son of Man will reign over earth and the Son of God will reign over the  heavens.

And in the New Jerusalem as in Eden there is a river. The same river that flowed from  Eden also flows from the New Jerusalem. It flows straight from the throne room of  Almighty God and down through the streets of the city. It is living water. It rises and  begins and has its source in the King himself. It is living water from Christ alone. He  is the fountain of life. He is living water. He is the water that will not pass away.  Those who drink the water of Christ will never thirst again. In Christ and in Christ  alone there is life undying, life eternal and unbroken and it flows from him in a  torrent.

John saw so much in the New Jerusalem that he barely knew where to look. His pen  could not keep up with the wonder before his eyes and frankly he did a poor job  describing what he saw. No one else could have done better. The vision was beyond  proper description.

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