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There Is A River

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However, the Lord thought the river important enough to reveal it to another man.  The prophet Ezekiel also saw the river of God. He saw the trickle, the stream that  came out of the throne room and he stood in the river as it bubbled over his toes. He  walked in the river as it washed his feet and as he waded in the river it rose to his  knees, to his waist and then to his shoulders. By now he was standing in a torrent.  Then it was too much for him to stand at all. Christ was overflowing too much for any  man to keep his feet. He could either try and escape the river or he could float and be  carried along in a torrent of Christ. Ezekiel gave up. He gave up and surrendered to  the current of Christ, trusting his Lord to take him where he would. He could neither  stand nor walk of his own volition. He was entirely in the Lord’s hands and utterly at  his mercy. He went where the Lord took him and had no other hope than Christ.

Somewhere in that flood Ezekiel also saw  the effect of that life. An abundance of  trees with healing in their leaves grew  alongside and bore fruit all year round.  Wherever the river flowed there was life,  plants, animals and fish. The river gave  them life and turned a barren land into a land flowing with milk and honey.

This is the river of God. This is what it means to swim in that river. Approach it with  caution.

There was a river in Eden and there is a river in our future, in the New Jerusalem.  Satan has rebelled. Man has  fallen. Death has entered the world and has God’s plan  changed? You must be joking. If you think something as insignificant as the rebellion  of an archangel and the fall of his creation has changed  the plan of my God by one  iota then you really need to know him better. He’s calling you to that.

All of this is beautiful but it does raise an obvious question. So what?

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