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There Is A River

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What if anything does all this mean? So there’s a river flowing from God. Does it  really matter on this earth? Well, I said the river had not been seen since Eden other  than in visions by a couple of men.    That wasn’t true. There was a moment when that spring broke upon the earth and the  river of God poured out of heaven and onto the earth. It came unexpectedly. It came  in a rush and it came with power. In short it came upon men who could only surrender  to the flow and go where the Lord took them. I am talking about an old Jewish festival  called Pentecost.

In a small upper room 120 men and women were together. They had followed Christ  for a little over three years and they had seem him ascend into the heavens only a few  days earlier. They had no idea what to do and so they waited and prayed and ate. And  early that morning the heavens opened and the Spirit of God fell upon them in a  torrent. The floodgates of heaven were opened and a torrent unseen since creation  poured out of heaven, straight from the throne room of God. A new revelation came  to earth and a new creation was begun.

Upon a man terrified for his life less than eight weeks earlier came boldness before  Jerusalem’s biggest crowd.  Upon men who had never travelled more than a few miles  from their homes came the tongues of distant nations. Upon an illiterate fisherman  came eloquence and fine words. The Lord poured out life upon his people and in that  torrent began the church of Jesus Christ on earth.

In the river came the fullness of God for his people. With that river came apostles,  evangelists, teachers, mercy, loving kindness, healing and interpretation of tongues,  bread, water and light. The reality is that that list will continue throughout eternity and  it will not be exhausted as long as Christ himself is not exhausted. In that river the  generosity of Almighty God was demonstrated and declared.

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