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There Is A River

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God who created the heavens, the infinite expanse of space with no more than a word,   held nothing back!  God who was unsatisfied with the level  of detail provided by atoms and therefore  created subatomic particles,   held nothing back!  This God, the father who spread the constellations against the  skies, who wrote his  stories in the constellations,   Held Nothing Back!  This God who took the time to create the full spectrum of colour and finding that it  was insufficient to express himself created separate spectrums in ultraviolet light,   HELD NOTHING BACK!  The eternal, immortal and absolute God took everything he had. He withheld nothing  from his son and now his son was pouring all that he was out onto his people.   HE HELD NOTHING BACK!

He did not look to see if every one of those men deserved it. He did not weigh with  care the pros and cons. He simply poured it out irrevocably upon his people. The  father declared himself well pleased with his son before his ministry had even begun  and now the son poured out  everything he had on men who had achieved nothing.  Jesus Christ opened the floodgates and his river flooded an upper room. Carried by  the torrent the disciples and apostles flooded out onto the streets.    A huge crowd watched in amazement and as the river flooded the city thousands  accepted Christ. The church in Jerusalem was born. A stone temple built with human  hands lay within sight. It had taken 70 years to build. Now there was a new and living  temple and a royal priesthood. And Christ built it in a moment.

It was a beginning but that is the river in which the church has swum ever since,  sometimes to her ankles and sometimes to her neck. That river, that outpouring is the  fullness of Christ, seen by us as through a glass darkly but unmistakeable and  unstoppable.

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