Bournemouth Christian Conference 2015


Christ – The Life of the Church

Our Foundation: Jesus Christ

Our Vision: Jesus Christ

Our Calling: Jesus Christ

Our Head: Jesus Christ

Our Expression: Jesus Christ

Bournemouth Christian Conference 2015

Christ – The Life of the Church

Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st, 2015

Every Church website says that Christ is the foundation of the church, but does that really mean anything?

Evangelical Christians have a simple foundation. We are based on Scripture. We draw our doctrines from the Bible and we judge other Christians by whether they are scriptural.

So how is it we end up with churches that are buildings and ministries?

What makes a church?

  • A Sunday morning service?
  • A building with stained glass windows?
  • A pastor and a ministry team?
  • A worship band?

Is that a church or have we overlooked something – something incredible?

When Jesus called people he didn’t have a building. He hadn’t been to Bible school and he had no worship band to warm up the crowd.

When the Apostles gathered the believers after Pentecost they shared each other’s lives. When the churches that Paul raised up met, everyone had a song, something encouraging to share, or some other expression.

In the beginning, the meetings of the church belonged not to an elite class of clergymen but to the whole body.

When Paul wrote to churches asking them to deal with problems he didn’t write to elders or pastors. He wrote to the whole body, to brothers and sisters and expected them as a body to deal with the most serious crisis, not once or twice but again and again.

We hold this conference every year for those who believe that such a church is still possible. We hold this conference for people who want more than meetings and ministries. We hold this conference for believers who want a church where the whole body can function.

This is not a new idea or theory. We know from experience just how difficult it can be. People can get their feelings hurt. We can easily misunderstand each other and even let each other down at times, but…

We have found ways to keep going, to find the Lord together, his healing and his direction and to overcome our own failures – together. We are far from perfect, and we expect to fail again and again but the life our brothers and sisters experienced in the New Testament is possible. We have seen it, and we have practised it for – getting on for two decades – and we are still alive.

This year we are meeting at a Christian retreat centre. We will have a very large living room. We will share, we will sing together, we will have some teaching but everyone will have a voice.

The conference will run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

This year we have found a secluded residential location in the heart of the Purbeck countryside, in the hope this will make it easier for people coming from far away to spend as much time together as (economically) possible. If you would like more details, please get in touch with us via our contact page.