At the beginning of 2010 the church wanted to focus on one aspect of the Lord in our meetings. After discussion we chose the fullness of God. The advantage of this subject is that it is so huge we could go in any number of directions. When it came to it we barely scratched the surface but our last meeting on fullness was something really special.

The men in the church decided to prepare a special meeting for one Saturday evening. Each brother (there were 6 of us at the time) prepared something from what he had seen of the fullness of God with the plan of sharing one after another for the rest of the church. We also planned to declare the fullness of God with a powerful surprise ending.

On the day of the meeting the brothers were together from early in the morning. We prayed and sang together and then we headed out to collect the things we needed for the evening. We pillaged the fruit and veg stands at Tesco’s and overloaded ourselves with the contents. We emptied a florists and filled Dan and Nicole’s(a couple in the church) house with our treasure ready for the evening.

On the evening we all gathered in the huge lounge of D and N’s flat. The brothers had prepared the room in advance, covering the walls with declarations of the Lord and His fullness. We had prepared some songs specifically to do with the fullness of God. One by one the brothers shared what the Lord had shown them on his fullness. One brother started in the wilderness with the Israelites. Where better to discover the fullness of God than a land that has nothing else? We moved through the lord’s abundant generosity to his people and to the fullness of the Lord’s harvest and the feast of Tabernacles. The brothers shared stories and explained pictures.

Then, when the brothers had spoken for quite long enough the climax of the evening arrived. The brothers left the room and returned time and again carrying the food and flowers bought in the morning. With six brothers bringing in tray after tray and jar after jar from the next room this still took 10 minutes. It is impossible to describe in words the impact of this. Photographs on the other hand…

Our Lord has it all and more besides. He is the beginning, the middle, the end and all points in between. He is all we could ever want or imagine and a vast amount above and beyond. Jesus Christ is the answer. He overwhelmed the question long, long ago.